In partnership with immigrant-based and multi-issue organizations, CCC is helping to build a movement that is transforming the immigration reform landscape by driving thousands to attend rallies, uplifting the stories of DREAMers and immigrant families, and catalyzing online activism and real-world action.

Safety Net

Programs like Medicaid, SNAP, and the Affordable Care Act are constantly on the legislative chopping block and tens of millions of Americans risk losing their last measure of security. With the Safety Net campaign, CCC has launched an extensive effort to organize, mobilize, and amplify the voices of impacted people.

Care Economy

The fast-growing homecare and childcare sectors can and must be transformed. The Care Economy campaign promotes high-quality child care, increasing access to paid family leave, support for new parents or unpaid caregivers, and creating more, better quality jobs with benefits and a family-sustaining wage in the care fields.

Green Jobs

The Green Jobs campaign works to promote high-quality, inclusive and accessible green jobs that pay good wages, and offer comprehensive benefits, training, and advancement opportunities, especially in divested neighborhoods.


Black and brown communities in the US have endured decades of public and private disinvestment. The Reinvestment Campaign works with local partners to secure community-controlled funds for the highest-unemployment and lowest-wage neighborhoods to create new, jobs and turbocharge economies.

Housing Trust Fund Project

The Housing Trust Fund Project is the nation’s only comprehensive resource for information and technical assistance related to housing trust funds, one of the leading vehicles for addressing critical housing needs in the United States.

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