In partnership with immigrant-based and multi-issue organizations including labor, civil rights, faith, education, and LGBTQ, CCC is helping to build a movement that is transforming the immigration reform landscape.

Through innovative digital campaigns, CCC drives thousands to attend rallies and participate in the immigration reform movement, uplifts the stories of DREAMers and immigrant families, and catalyzes online activism and real-world action for compassionate, humane immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship.

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Redefining the Way We Talk About Poverty

The Center for Community Change (CCC) has launched a major initiative to dismantle the barriers that create and sustain poverty.…

Housing Trust Funds: Protecting Affordable Living

One of the most difficult hardships facing low-income people in the United States is the lack of affordable housing due…

Putting Faces on the Immigration Debate

Inside Out photo project has come to DC to take on immigration reform.  The group, who uses large portraits taken…

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Stand up for a DREAM Act that helps immigrants

Immigrant families have suffered enough from Trump’s already out-of-control anti-immigrant enforcement measures. We demand a clean DREAM Act that allows young immigrants stay in the country they call home without fear — and one that does so without adding a single dollar to Trump’s enforcement measures. Call your representative now and ask them to stand with DREAMers.

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