Change Champion: Quinn Delaney

by Allison Mitchell | September 13, 2011 9:52 am

As we get closer to our 2011 Change Champion Awards on September 22, we’d like you to meet another of our distinduished Champions.

Quinn Delaney is the the founder and president of the Akonadi Foundation whose mission is to support the development of powerful social change movements to eliminate structural racism and create a racially just society.

Akonadi Foundation was founded in 1999 and gives out approximately 3 million dollars in grants annually. Quinn is a new board member of the Center for Community Change, and also serves on the boards of the Democracy Alliance, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center and the Oakland Museum of California.

Civil rights and civil liberties have been a life-long passion and Quinn has worked with the ACLU and other civil rights organizations in many capacities. Quinn works to create a bridge between politics and grassroots movements.

To learn more about Quinn and the other recipients of the 2011 Community Change Champion Awards, join us at

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