Kasich, The Puppet

by Julia Clunn | July 11, 2011 12:57 pm

While some of us may still have hope that Democrats will hold their ground against GOP determination to cut Social Security and other entitlements, Ohio residents are struggling against their own state government. People are calling attention to the huge problems in Gov. John Kasich’s (R) budget any way they know how; including puppets.

Above is a picture of a July 4th Parade in Cincinnati, Ohio, and that would be a giant Gov. Kasich fighting against Ohio’s firefighter with an enormous pair of scissors. This all serves to symbolize how our partners in Ohio are being hit hard by drastic slashes to numerous public services, including schools, nursing homes, day care for low-income parents, and yes, even police and firefighters.

But you know what wasn’t included in this attempt to raise funds in Ohio? Any tax increase whatsoever. In fact, the budget includes the final part of state income-tax cuts which began in 2005. The largest amount of these tax cuts are not going to those who live on a firefighter’s salary either, but those who with an annual income of over $200,000.

All of this raises a very important question. Which is larger: the head of this Kasich puppet or the inequities in GOP budget reforms?


Photo credit: Women’s eNews, Flickr

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