What the President Should Learn from Joe

by Community Change | July 7, 2011 11:25 am

Late last night, Obama administration officials  announced that they’re willing to cut Social Security—along with more cuts to Medicare—to reach a deal on the budget.

Let’s be honest. Retirement security isn’t what’s causing a deficit problem in this country­­. The jobs crisis is causing our economy to be weak and indebted. Even if it seems that Washington has forgotten about the 24 million people who lack full-time employment, we know that creating jobs for them, and making Wall Street, big corporations, and the rich pay their fair share will revive our economy.

If Washington thinks that they can cut retirement security without consequences, they’re sorely mistaken. If the President doesn’t get it then maybe he and his privileged advisers would learn something by watching Joe Fagen – a senior from Iowa tell Senator Grassley’s staff what he thinks about the Senator’s recent vote:

Video from our partner organization Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement.

This kind of grassroots activism isn’t just happening in Iowa, it’s also happening in Missouri and other states across the country. That’s because folks who depend on retirement security programs – who also happen to be a growing number and a big voting bloc—won’t stand for this kind of unfair (and, frankly, impertinent) policy decisions.



Photo credit: Donkey Hotey, Flickr

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