How We Work

Flexible Workspaces
To foster communication and collaboration, most of our staff work in open spaces without walls separating them from their co-workers. Our outstation staff work from home offices or from designated shared office spaces.

Bringing your “full self” to work
We have set out to create an environment where the barriers between employees’ personal and professional lives are broken down. We have a unique commitment to the personal-professional balance that is rare in the organizing and social justice world.

We created several opportunities for our staff to engage in reflection and dialogue that can foster new learning, including all-staff learning calls, staff exploration groups, and yearly staff retreats.


What We Offer

Paid Time Off

Up to 20 days of paid vacation time for full-time employees in addition to paid administrative and sick leave, paid leave between December 24 and January 1, and several 4 day holidays.

Retirement Savings

401(K) retirement plan & an additional 8 percent employer contribution to the 401(K) Plan after 6 months of employment.

Family and Wellness

Up to 8 weeks of paid parental leave after 1 year of employment. Dedicated wellness room that can be used by nursing mothers, for prayer/meditation, and for self-care.

What We Value

As an organization, we view our staff as agents of change in the world and we want them to be able to lead their work and personal lives with presence, power and vision.

By 2033, we will improve dramatically the material conditions for people struggling to make ends meet in the United States, particularly poor people of color, as measured by changes in poverty rates and racial and gender disparities.


We think beyond current constraints and traditional ideas, rules, and relationships. We seek to engage diverse perspectives, resources and partners


We understand the interconnectedness of humanity and strive to alleviate suffering specifically with our core constituency of low‐income people and people of color.


We willingly take risks to stand up for what we believe, even when it is unpopular. We communicate courageously with one another because we recognize that is how people, organizations and movements grow stronger.