How We Work

Flexible Workspaces
To foster communication and collaboration, most of our staff work in open spaces without walls separating them from their co-workers. Our outstation staff work from home offices or from designated shared office spaces.

Bringing your “full self” to work
We have set out to create an environment where the barriers between employees’ personal and professional lives are broken down. We have a unique commitment to the personal-professional balance that is rare in the organizing and social justice world.

We created several opportunities for our staff to engage in reflection and dialogue that can foster new learning, including all-staff learning calls, staff exploration groups, and yearly staff retreats.


Why We Love It

“This organization really has given me the confidence I need and allowed me to take the lead in getting things done that need to get done.”
– Salvador Cervantes, Senior Organizer

“There is an understanding here that there is not a personal and a professional Tori. It’s one and the same, and if you value what I am bringing to my work, then you will acknowledge these other aspects of who I am that I will not deny.”
– Tori O’Neal–McElrath, former Director of Institutional Advancement

“I feel there is a certain amount of kindness and thoughtfulness about how we do our work and try to understand each other and take care of each other. It’s something you don’t see in organizing and campaign work elsewhere.”
– Kica Matos, Director of Immigration Rights and Racial Justice