Emerging Change Champions Nomination

DSC_0171The Emerging Change Champion Award was established by the Center for Community Change and the Petra Foundation to recognize emerging or overlooked champions of change, who work to build power for greater social and economic justice in low income communities, specifically low income communities of color. With this award, the Center for Community Change will acknowledge an up-and-coming leader who has demonstrated high levels of leadership and promise, with the potential to reach beyond organizational boundaries to build a broader movement

  • Individuals nominated for the Emerging Change Champion Award should display a combination of activism and thought, force of character, independence of judgment, and clarity of expression.
  • The nominee’s activities should be devoted to social justice causes that are reflected in the Center for Community Change issue areas and also use elements of community organizing in their work. Issues can include, but aren’t limited to: Immigration Reform, Racial Justice, Gender Justice, Economic Justice, Clean Energy/Green Jobs, Early Childhood Education, Mass Incarceration, and Affordable Housing.
  • The nominee should be someone who is not widely recognized, who does not have personal privilege or a strong institutional base of support and who has demonstrated a capacity to grow, overcome obstacles and make a significant contribution to human freedom by leading, teaching, or otherwise helping others.
  • Please note that nominations should be submitted without the knowledge of the nominees. They will be carefully researched based in part on the references provided with the nomination materials.

The winner of the Emerging Change Champion Award will be honored at Change Champion Awards, which will take place on October, 12th, 2017 in Washington, DC. Travel expenses to accept the award will be covered by the Center for Community Change. The awardee will receive a small financial gift, leadership development and skill-share trainings, and a platform to elevate their work.

Please direct any inquiries on the Emerging Change Champion Award to Tracy Wright [email protected].

Please submit nominations by June 1st, 2017.  

Submission Process:  You can submit using the form below or download the form here and submit to Tracy Wright.


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