Supporting  Black Organizations: Spotlighting The Maven Collaborative

Community Change is committed to strengthening the infrastructure of the economic and racial justice movement. One of the ways we accomplish this is by providing fiscal sponsorship services to emerging leaders and new organizations with projects that align with our mission. We currently provide administrative, grant, and strategic support to 12 organizations working on issues ranging from rural organizing to advancing workers’ rights. In our efforts to fight for an economy that works for all of us and center the lived experience of directly impacted people, especially communities of color, we could ask for no better ally than Maven Collaborative. 

The Maven Collaborative centers race and gender in the pursuit of economic justice. Led by Co-Presidents Anne Price and Jhumpa Bhattacharya, Maven’s work focuses on improving the economic well-being of Black women, the cornerstone of our economy and democracy, as a way to improve economic equity for all. To accomplish this, they work across the advocacy, research, and narrative change spaces to reimagine and create a future economy that reflects our inherent worth instead of the market value of the fruits of our labor. 

In addition to race and gender, Maven also centers joy in their work to unapologetically support Black women. This was on full display earlier this month when the organization hosted its inaugural DREAM Retreat for Black Women, an intimate multi-day gathering where a multidisciplinary and visionary group of 24 Black women was given the space and support to imagine an economy and society that works for them. The retreat prioritized rest, connection, and spaciousness to allow participants to imagine and articulate their visions for a society centered around Black women’s well-being. As such, participants were invited as representatives of themselves and not their organizations in the hopes they would leave feeling rejuvenated and energized. 

Community Change Director of Economic Justice Jennifer Wells joined the inaugural retreat and affirmed its success: “Anne and Jhumpa dreamt and constructed a unique and necessary space for Black women those lucky enough to be in this beautifully facilitated space (much appreciation to Alicia Walters) left fuller, aligned, enriched and ready to shape their work in the most authentic way possible,” Wells said.

From creating narrative solutions that dismantle the stereotypes that have too long upheld racial and gender inequality in the U.S. economy to “reinventing” the work retreat, Maven Collaborative stands out as a champion and invaluable partner in the fight for a society where all communities thrive. To learn more about Maven and their work, visit their website: mavencollaborative.org

Loving The Child Tax Credit

In 2021, the expanded federal Child Tax Credit (CTC) dramatically cut child poverty and helped millions of families keep their heads above water financially. But when the expanded CTC expired in 2022, the child poverty rate jumped back up. Now we have another opportunity to lift at least half a million children back out of poverty: on Jan. 31, the House of Representatives passed a tax package that would once again expand the CTC. Although the new deal is far from perfect, it is an important step toward creating a solid foundation for all of our children and challenging the dominant narrative about who deserves to thrive. 

Community Change Action and the communities we work with are passionate about the CTC – so we’re leaning into moving it across the finish line. On Valentine’s Day, our Economic Justice team launched a Child Tax Credit digital campaign to make the case to policymakers to pass it – without making harmful changes to it. 

We provided our partner organizations with sample letters to the editor for local papers, and shared a social media toolkit to spread the word – through candy-colored love-themed messages like the one above – that families want Congress to pass the CTC. Meanwhile, our ChangeWire Fellow Samantha Hart wrote a moving piece on the families that are counting on Congress to expand the Child Tax Credit. The piece features five families from around the country detailing how the CTC would alleviate the pressure of inflation, bridge the gap to financial security, and help keep families healthy.

Political Power for Child Care Justice

The 2024 elections will be decided by razor-thin margins. Turning out voters who are directly affected by the policy issues our grassroots leaders organize around can make the difference in key states where just a few thousand voters determine the margin of victory. Specifically, leveraging Community Change Action’s sophisticated child care field — an area of work that we have built for nearly a decade, and that has a dedicated base of child care leaders primed for action — will motivate more voters and advance our long-term fight for child care justice.  

But how do we plan to utilize the power of these communities in 2024? 

  • Amplifying Child Care as an Election Issue – One of our marquee organizing events will be our annual Day Without Child Care on May 13, 2024, when hundreds of child care providers will close their doors to shine a light on the child care crisis in our country and capture national media attention.
  • Mobilizing Child Care Voters – We will engage our list of child care supporters in prioritized states and congressional districts through layered voter contact, driving sign-ups to a “child care voter” pledge and supporting our child care leaders in contacting their friends and family to encourage them to turn out to vote for child care champions. Our goal this year is to hold 250,000 conversations with voters across the country — a reach modeling the scale of the margin of victory in the last few cycles. 

Focusing on Key States & Races – Community Change Action’s 2024 program will include state-wide voter contact programs working hand-in-hand with grassroots partners in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio — as well as targeted investments in additional states such as California, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.  

  • Building Durable c4 Infrastructure – Community Change Action co-strategizes and co-implements electoral field programs with our grassroots partners — working hand-in-hand to target, persuade, and mobilize local voters and sharing what we learn across states so partners can benefit from our experimentation.

Have questions about this work? Reach out to Community Change Action’s Team to help support this vision for 2024.


From Activist to Foundation Leader: Former Community Change President Deepak Bhargava has taken the helm as the new president of the JPB Foundation. With this exciting change will come a 20% increase in JPB grantmaking to $510 million in 2024 to support nonprofits focused on multiracial democracy and worker power. You can learn more about Deepak’s vision for winning progressive change on Why Is This Happening? The Chris Hayes Podcast.



Former Community Change Distinguished Fellow Maya Rupert just released a limited series podcast called When We Win about women of color in politics with Lemonada Media. The podcast, supported by Ms. Foundation For Women and Marguerite Casey Foundation, engages with some of the most incredible women of color who ran for public office and against all the odds, won.


Celebrate with us: We won two Gold Anthem Awards for our ChangeWire content and fellows program! We won one award for our curriculum training for directly impacted people in journalism skills and another for our Democracy Stories from the Ground Up series on ChangeWire! You can check out and SHARE our winner videos here! Launched in 2021 by The Webby Awards, the Anthem Awards honor the purpose- and mission-driven work of people, companies, and organizations worldwide. This year’s Anthem Award winners were selected from a pool of over 2,000 submissions from 44 countries by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS).

Thank you for reading about what’s happening this month at Community Change. See you next month!