Democracy Is On The Line Tele-Townhall Draws Thousands of Activists From Across the Country

August 15, 2017 12:36 pm

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Americans Are Watching As Republican Legislators Hide From Constituents

(WASHINGTON)—As Republicans in Congress continue to ignore constituents’ demands, progressive groups and allies answered live questions from callers ready to hold Republicans accountable during the August recess. NextGen America President Tom Steyer, NARAL President Ilyse Hogue, Center for Community Change President Deepak Bhargava and Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs talked to thousands of Americans from across the nation.

“Make no mistake, Donald Trump and his white nationalist policies and rhetoric were the inspiration for the Charlottesville tragedy,” said Deepak Bhargava, President of the Center for Community Change. “We must stand together to make sure that America chooses a different direction. The Nazis and KKK members inspired by Donald Trump want desperately for him to end the Deferred Action for Child Arrival program (DACA) and deport the dreamers. They want Congress to pass funding for Trump’s deportation police in direct support of ethnically cleansing America of immigrants. The only thing that can stop them is our voices—the voices of renewed democracy. The future is in the hands of all us.”

Progressive values are at stake. The right wing has launched attacks on healthcare, reproductive rights, immigrant families, the environment and social safety net programs that help families put food on the table. Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda is making life more difficult for Americans, and tearing communities apart.

“In response to the Trump Administration’s assault on our values, Americans have come together to defend our fundamental rights and change the course of history. Now, more than ever, we must double down on our resistance efforts and increase pressure on Republican leaders to stand up to President Trump and his harmful agenda,” said NextGen America President Tom Steyer. “The American people are the strongest force in our democracy, and over the next month, NextGen America and its volunteers will use the August recess to take democracy into our own hands and organize at the grassroots level to fight for real, progressive change.”

Every voice counts, and instead of hiding, elected officials should be listening. August recess provides the opportunity for Americans to have face-to-face contact with their representatives. Our collective power is the only way to build a true progressive platform that is inclusive and puts our needs ahead of corporate demands.


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