Immigrant Rights

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Immigrant Rights

Community Change is committed to building an immigrant-inclusive democracy where no person, regardless of immigration status, is excluded from basic social and economic protections

Our role in the immigrant rights movement grew out of our fight for economic justice. Twenty years ago, Community Change and our grassroots partners organized a national campaign to strengthen welfare programs and the social safety net. We made legal status for undocumented workers one of nine issues in our national platform.

Global mass migration has fanned the flames of xenophobia which is undermining democratic values around the world. Immigration and poverty remain inextricably linked. Unless we can find a path to an immigrant-inclusive democracy, the number of Americans excluded from basic social and economic protections will continue to increase, and conflicts over rights and resources will undermine the very foundations of our republic

We are committed to organizing immigrants and non-immigrants within our care, economic security, and state power-building work. We believe that investing in grassroots partners that prioritize organizing in solidarity with immigrant communities will lay the groundwork for long-term political shifts, by expanding our base of support and changing the national narrative on who “belongs” in our country.