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Community Change Action* is the advocacy arm of the Center for Community Change.

As the Center amplifies the voices of the people at the grassroots, Community Change makes sure those voices are heard by policymakers.

That means we can participate more directly in the political process. It’s a crucial part of what we do – the part that brings our work full circle.

You can support this important advocacy by donating to Community Change. We accept no government or corporate funding, so we’re counting on you!

Take Action

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Working families are speaking out for higher wages, regular and workable hours and benefits that help raise a family — and putting the stories of our communities back into the national conversation about poverty in America.

They are sharing their personal stories with others across the nation, and advocating for real change that ensure every American has enough – not just to survive, but to thrive.

What does your story have the power to do? We think it has the power to end poverty. Share your story with our story collection project, Our Stories Our Power!



Give to CCCAction

When you support the Center for Community Change Action, you’re investing in public policies that create a strong and more equitable nation for everyone. Because it isn’t subject to the same limits on lobbying and other advocacy, we encourage you to donate to the Center for Community Change Action.

Be part of this movement. Give to the Center for Community Change Action to make sure the voices of low-income and immigrant communities and communities of color are heard loud and clear.

Please note that your contribution to the Center for Community Change Action may not be claimed on your taxes as a deductible charitable contribution or business expense.



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