Jun 28 17

St. Louis Case: Another Black Man Shot, Another Excuse

Fred McKissack Jr.

This article first appeared on The Progressive. The June 21 shooting of a black police officer in St. Louis County by another officer has been  described as “friendly fire.” That’s a laughably absurd euphemism for this latest racial incident. A 38-year-old off-duty officer, with eleven years on the force, heard a commotion in his north St. Louis […]

Jun 23 17

The Republican Health Care Plan is an Attack on People Like Me

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

This article first appeared on The Progressive. How many Americans will be impacted by the GOP’s Obamacare repeal legislation, drafted under veils of secrecy? How many will suffer the consequences? Probably everyone. But the harshest impacts will be felt by those Americans who are already the most vulnerable. Individuals and families who need maternity care, […]

Jun 11 17

Facing a health care labyrinth

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

This article originally appeared on Albuquerque Journal. If the GOP-led House and Senate pass Donald Trump’s proposed budget that calls for slashing $800 billion from Medicaid, I am scared I will die. I know that is blunt, but I struggle to make ends meet and I have a pre-existing condition: cancer. I cannot afford the […]

Jun 10 17

Preserving the People’s Lakes

Center for Community Change

This article originally appeared in Prairie Homeboy Companion. I hadn’t thought about Henrik Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People” in quite a while. Yet, I couldn’t help but think about the play as I read about the hatchet to be taken to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Details of the administration’s budget plans propose slashing the […]

Jun 6 17

Come Back to Art: How Creativity and Activism Intersect

Center for Community Change

This article first appeared on Equal Voice. I wasn’t trained in this. I didn’t go for school for this. Nobody pays me for this, and nobody expects me to be doing this. But most evenings, after my son is asleep, and I can’t work at my computer anymore, I get into bed with a sketchbook […]

Apr 24 17

Soda Industry vs. Quality Child Care

Center for Community Change

By Chirag Mehta, Senior Policy Advisor, Center for Community Change Coca-Cola and the soda industry at large are pulling out all the stops to fight Santa Fe, New Mexico residents who want to pass a very small tax on sugary drinks to fund a program that would make preschool available to 1,000 low-income children. Coca-Cola […]

Feb 1 17

TUNDRA: Episode 1

Jeremiah Chapman

TUNDRA: Cold Journey to Justice is a docu-series that captures the cold climate found in marginalized communities across the U.S. This series will feature interviews with community leaders on efforts they are mounting to combat oppressive policies and systems of injustice on a local, state and federal level. This series will also generate research through […]

Nov 30 16

Report: Increasing Minimum Wage Saves Lives

Fred McKissack Jr.

Tuesday’s “Day of Disruption” walkout by thousands of low-income workers underscores that the Fight for $15 movement is undeterred by the change of administration. Earlier this month, voters approved minimum-wage raises for Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and Washington. What began as a long shot to even liberal labor leaders, the resurgent low-income fight is now bolstered […]

Nov 11 16

Looking for “Whitelash”

Center for Community Change

Originally published by Neiman Reports.  The signs that someone like Donald Trump was coming were right there, in online comments lousy with creatively spelled racial slurs that slipped past even the best filters. They were in the vicious tweets and voicemail nasty grams aimed at journalists of color, especially when we wrote about race. It […]

Nov 4 16

To the Women Who Are Afraid

Alison Stine

Photo credits to Nshepard via Flickr Creative Commons. Originally published on MomsRising.  There’s a nagging suspicion inside you that something is wrong. He calls you names. He denies your feelings. He talks over you; yells at you; humiliates you; and re-writes reality, including the reality of what happened to you. Maybe you wouldn’t call it abuse, […]

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