We Persist. 2018 Annual Report

In 2018, dedicated individuals showed the power of persistent work to shape our country’s future. Take a look at what we can achieve together when we build power from the ground up.

Community Change fuels movements rooted in low-income communities of color.

People like you and the staff of Community Change and Community Change Action stood up to be counted at the ballot box, joined our neighbors marching in the street, and raised our voices in community meetings, town halls, and our representatives offices all across the country.

We fight for:

Immigrant Rights

The administration’s assault on immigrant families continues, but we responded, working toward a just system with crisis responses, including on-the-ground support following immigration enforcement raids. In Tennessee, we worked alongside Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC), a partner in the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), which offered safe space in a local church and provided legal services, food, and sanctuary.​​

Racial Justice

Solving the structural problem that is poverty requires us to rewrite the dominant narrative of economic exclusion and anti-Black racism. We are leaning into this challenge by creating the Black Freedom Collective, a cohort of 13 Black-led, community-based organizations at the nexus of movement building for economic and political power, towards liberation. With partners in 8 states, the BFC is placing the next generation of Black organizers and Black-led organizations at the center of today’s movement for racial justice.

Economic Justice

We supported and campaigned for $7.5 billion in new funding for affordable housing through 22 measures voters passed in California, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, and Washington, and a state-wide rent stabilization measure that passed in Oregon. Our model of housing trust funds helped to build the more than 800 state and local funds that direct $2.5 billion each year to affordable housing.

Our role is to fuse the power of organizing, ideas, and politics.

Organize Others to Lead

  • 237 groups. We partner with those led by people of color and that operate outside of mainline organizing models.
  • $3.35m in 147 grants to 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) partners in our 2018 fiscal year.

Generate Bold Ideas

  • Child care is a public good.
  • Directly affected people should tell their own stories.
  • Residents are the best advocates for affordable housing.
  • The relationship between work and wages must be reset.
  • Brand is a form of power.

Change U.S. Politics

  • Our electoral program and presence had an impact in 21 states, 2 dozen U.S. House races, 5 U.S. Senate races, 6 gubernatorial races, dozens of state legislative races, and 3 progressive ballot measures.
  • 2.5 Million voters engaged with Community Change Action’s Win Justice campaign.

After 50 years, we are Community Change and Community Change Action

In 2018, we became Community Change and Community Change Action. We celebrated 50 years of organizing and advocacy that you–our donors and champions and partners– made possible, as highlighted in a video, 5 Organizers in 5 Decades. And with your support, we launched the next 15 with our Path to Power strategic plan and our new brand of power from the ground up.

Our legal society

You helped us cultivate abundance, and Community Change is particularly grateful for the 28 founding members of our Legacy Society, who are investing in our work for the long-term through planned giving commitments.

Want to become an legacy society member? Reach out to Susan Rightsell, srightsell@communitychange.org.

Aaron Dorfman & Geneen D. Massey
Amy Merrill
Arlene Holt-Baker
Bill Dempsey
Carol M. Barger
Cecilia Ortiz
David Friedman
Deepak Bhargava
Diane Feeney
Dorian T. Warren
Donna Katzin
Ed & Jan Booth
Garlin Gilchrist II

Jackie Jenkins Scott
James Gollin
Jane E. Fox Johnson
Judy Patrick
Kelly Brown
Mary M. Lassen & Martin Liebowitz
Mary Morris Willis
Miriam Rabban
Paulette J. Meyer
Stephanie Valencia
Tim Sweeney
Vivian Chang

Discover our all of our 2018 Community Change and Community Change Action board members, institutional supporters, and individual donors.

A note from our president, Dorian Warren

I firmly believe that we are approaching a moment within the long arc of social progress in this country–when a confluence of movement energy and bold ideas and political pressure take on structural injustice that our society can no longer bear. This pivotal moment in front of us has the potential to be our generation’s Reconstruction or Progressive Era or New Deal or the few years in the 1960s that gave us the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, Medicaid and immigration reform. We have two years to get ready, to put forth the big ideas for our time and to build the power to win them. Join us.

Dorian T. Warren
President of Community Change and Community Change Action

Our Community Change Financials

FY2018 Revenue $18,407,186

Grants and contributions $12,907,351
Investment income (loss) 890,726
Assets released from donor restrictions $4,609,109

FY2018 Expenses $18,389,495

Program Services $13,992,953
Management and General Support $2,688,255
Fundraising $1,708,317

Our Community Change Action Financials

FY2018 Revenue $9,417,436

Grants and contributions $8,747,065
Interest income (loss) $1,486
Rental income $668,885

FY2018 Expenses $6,438,300

Program Services $5,650,697
Management and General Support $488,848
Fundraising $298,755

This is just a snapshot of the work we’ve done in 2018.

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