September 29, 2022

Our movement has been built over multiple generations, and in 2022 we are Unleashing Power to create a thriving America.


Together we will recognize those who blazed a path in 2021,  showing us how to unleash the power of our movement, and we will lean into the opportunity of 2022 in our larger fight for a more just, equitable, and inclusive world.

This year, join us to witness the power of:

Crystal Hayling
Champion in Philanthropic Leadership

Make the Road New York
Champion in Community Organizing

Osyrus Bolly
Emerging Change Champion


Champion Level

Platinum Level

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Lebowitz-Aberly Family Foundation

Gold Level

Silver Level

Jonathan and Connie Heller
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Schwab Charitable Fund
Unite Here Action Fund

Bronze Level

Supporter Level

Boston Trust Walden Company
Alta CPA Group
Amalgamated Charitable Foundation
Boston Common Asset Management
Diane Feeney
Lake Research Partners
Lynn Kanter and Janet Coleman
Mary M. Lassen and Martin Liebowitz
Ryan Young and Matthew Layton 

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spirit of
the awards

We celebrate the work that often goes unheralded, and the people and organizations that keep our vision for a just world alive. Too frequently, we focus only on the final outcome of a campaign instead of taking a moment to honor the people and organizations working behind the scenes to transform their communities and our country. The Community Change Champions Awards were created to do just that: to recognize the people and organizations whose work is making progress toward social justice a reality.

The organizers and leaders who inspire people to identify the changes they need and take action to fight for them.

The artists and thinkers who envision a more just future, and what it will take to get us all there.

Our partners in the labor movement, who share our commitment to rights and opportunity for hard-working people.

The organizations that bring people together and build their communities with grassroots power.

The public servants who carry the voices of the people with them into the corridors of power.

The donors and philanthropists who help build a broader movement by connecting people with resources that help them fight for change.

The emerging leaders who demonstrate courage, compassion, leadership, and the promise to build a broader movement for change.

And the activists who demonstrate bravery, determination and resolve, even when the obstacles seem insurmountable and change seems out of reach.