New Paper Outlines Improvements to Social Security to Strengthen Economic Security of Women, Low-Income People, and Same-Sex Couples

Expanding Social Security Benefits for Financially Vulnerable Populations

Good Jobs In A Clean Energy Economy Through The Clean Power Plan

This Toolkit discusses strategies that deliver high quality jobs with career pathways accessible to workers in low-income communities and communities of color.

A Vision for Child Care In America

We believe in an America that puts families first. In an America serious about that value, families would make more than a decent living; they’d have access to a decent life and the essential work for caring for family members would always be valued.

Equity Starts Early Addressing Racial Inequities in Child Care and Early Education Policy

Child care and early education policies are shaped by a history of systemic and structural racism. As a result, there are major racial disparities in children’s access to quality child care that meets their cultural and linguistic needs and enables their parents to work …

Undervalued A Brief History of Women’s Care Work and Child Care Policy in the United States

Women’s work. Child care. For much of our nation’s history, the two have been nearly
synonymous. Yet the stories diverge along racial lines. Until at least the latter half of the 20th century, few types of work beyond unpaid care for their own children at home were viewed as socially acceptable for white women.

Unlocking Opportunities in the Poorest Communities: A Policy Brief

For far too long, politicians have made empty
promises to America’s struggling families.
Whether through empowerment zones, summer
jobs programs, or trickle‐down tax cuts,
these solutions aren’t big enough or targeted

Updated Messaging Memos: Meeting this Moment 2017

Mensajería Sobre Inmigración y Acciones Ejecutivas Messaging on Childcare March 2017 Messaging on Medicaid Messaging on immigration and Executive Actions

It’s not you, it’s the internet: Navigating the changing landscape of communications and organizing

With this paper, the Center for Community Change attempts to define a new generation of best practices …

Messaging this Moment: A Handbook for Progressive Communicators

The rise of Trumpism has challenged every single aspect of being for progressives and our organizations. It is, as many of us have been saying, an existential threat to everything we care about …

Research Evidence as an Advocacy Tool in Housing Trust Fund Campaigns

This research initiative to demonstrate the impact of evidence—in this case, research that connects the availability of safe adequate homes to family health, educational opportunities, and supportive environments—on the success of campaigns to advance housing trust funds.