White Supremacy Kills, No Matter Who Pulls the Trigger

by Wendi C. Thomas | September 23, 2016 1:49 pm

Photo credits to Fuseboxradio.

Originally published on The Undefeated.

I want to watch the video of Terence Crutcher being killed by Tulsa, Oklahoma, police, because I want to see something that would explain why police killed him.

Like maybe the 40-year-old black man moved too quickly or too slowly after his car broke down Friday and a white officer came upon him and his car. Maybe Crutcher’s body took some form so aggressive that even police in a helicopter above could tell that the father of four was a “bad dude,” as they were recorded saying on an on-board camera.

Even after the years-long processional of hash-tagged lives, the brutal end of which are often captured on video, part of me watches the videos in search of something to make it all make sense.

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